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Published on September 11th, 2012 | by Marques Haven


Karen Hemphill “Cufflinks”

Let it be know that we officially endorse the Karen Hemphill line of cufflinks… actually we endorse every single, imaginative and inspirational design that she creates. How could we not? First, her entire line is American made. I don’t mean designed here in the states, manufactured somewhere over there, only to be shipped and sold, you guessed it, back here. I mean from soup to nuts and as reported on her website “…not only do we work with American suppliers but all of our Collaborators manufacture their products in the USA”… need I say more.

The materials that Karen incorporates into her designs have obviously been chosen with great care and detail. Aluminum and stainless steel, polished to a stain finish, serve as the base to most if not all of her product line. Logos etched into wood and hair residing on hide leather extends her work far beyond the normal description of “jewelry”. I would go so far as to say, each piece she designs should be regarded as an exquisite work of art.

I purchased the cufflinks (pictured above) from Wardrobe in Cameron Village and they are apart of Karen Hemphill’s Layered Collection. Aside from being an awesome conversation starter while MJ and I attend the Jimmy V Gala last month, they made the perfect compliment to my Hugo Boss Tuxedo.

The uniqueness of Karen Hemphill’s designs are simply undeniable – which is why, we here at The Raleigh Picture Project, formally endorse any and all products designed by Karen Hemphill.

MH ~

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3 Responses to Karen Hemphill “Cufflinks”

  1. Thanks! I appreciate the support. Funny, I was reading your post’s and found it interesting that you posted about Asheville last month. I moved to Raleigh from Asheville. I like your project and I will stay in touch.


    • Marques Haven says:

      Karen, we here at The Raleigh Picture Project are truly delighted that you like the project and are completely trilled, like over-the-top thrilled, to have you as a fan. We hope to inspire our readers as much as you inspire us. Again thanks and please do stay in touch!

      MH ~

  2. Lettie says:

    Junction Salon & Bar, okay you’ve got my interest peeked.

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