Judith Keeler (Editor)

Judith Keeler Editor Bio

Judith Keeler is a coffee-drinker (seriously, she can drink you under the table), mahjong addict, a pretty good Mom, a non-blogger and uses the kitchen as a way to express her passion and force those around her to experience food with all of their senses (minus the blindfold).

She loves lip gloss, bacon and awesome boots. She has a talent for marking up a page until it cries like a little baby, has a habit of rolling her eyes (no poker playing for this woman) and reworks and fancies-up our words without too much ridicule. We think she’s pretty okay.

You can follow her on Twitter @jgkeeler where she tweets mostly about defense and veteran’s issues (She’s a US Army veteran – didn’t see that coming, did you?), as well as the occasional live-tweeting of sporting events, news conferences or award shows.

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