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Busy Bee Café Review

The first thing you notice when walking into the Busy Bee Café, is that it’s, ah, busy – pun intended. With ceilings high enough for a low altitude jump and exposed brick lining the walls you soon realize that this is a BAR and not just any bar but a place to have a good beer, of which there are plenty, and a place where eating something off the menu doesn’t come with regret.

If you decided to go, and I do recommend going, you have to try the Red Rye PA. Besides having a wicked label on the bottle I found the beer, creamy with a slight kick of hops and a more than pleasant aftertaste, almost sweet.

For eats, I had the American Hamburger with fries, M.J. had the Grilled Chicken Sandwich & Tater Tots, yes I said Tater Tots, and the kid had Mac & Cheese.

After the first bites it became an all out free-for-all with me coming out on the losing end – I got no Tater Tots and apparently they were damn good as noted, more than once, by M.J. and the kid.

All around I’d say we really enjoyed ourselves, the food was good enough to bring us back and the service was pleasant. In a town where culture and identity is something still being discovered the Busy Bee Café stands out – perfectly situated and ready to serve.


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