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Published on September 10th, 2012 | by Marques Haven


Asheville “Aloft” Hotel Downtown – Review

Every year for Labor Day MJ, the Kid, and I make the four-hour trek to Asheville, North Carolina with the rest of the family. You might even call it a pilgrimage, at least that’ how I see it. Wait, before I forget, I am no longer allowed to refer to the “Kid” as the “Kid” so from this point forth she shall be referred to as, KG, a.k.a. the “Kid”… whatever.

Back to business…the timing for our annual trip is always prefect. It comes about at the end of summer; usually MJ and I are worn out from all the other summer trips (don’t ask) and Asheville always seems to bring about a peaceful end to a usually busy summer.

Up until this year if you were looking for some place to stay in Asheville that was… say, sleek, ultra modern and trendy your options were severely limited. In fact, you had no options. Now before the onslaught of anger laced emails starting filling my inbox, I am very much aware of the luxury being offered at the lovely Grove Park Inn, just a few minutes drive from downtown. With that being said, the Grove Park Inn lacks that modern and trendy edge that I tend to lean toward – so please, no hate mail.

Enter the fashionably astute Aloft Downtown Asheville Hotel. Alofts are like mini W Hotels and if you’ve been in a W Hotel than you know exactly what I’m talking about. As with most Alofts, as well as W Hotels, it’s all about the W XYZ Bar and the Asheville Aloft is no exception. The W XYZ Bar is laid out beautifully, pool table, deep cushioned seats, low slung tables, earthy but subtle color tones that ooze throughout the space – the place beacons you to have a cocktail, which is exactly what MJ and I did… several times.

Now you need to be aware that the Asheville Aloft is not a full service hotel, meaning the menu as far as food is limited at best. Not to worry, just a five-minute walk up the hill (on the left) and you will be at the doorstep of the amazing Posana restaurant. I can’t speaking highly enough about Posana, the food, the service, all of it is top-notch. It’s where the family kicks each day off while in Asheville and needless to say Posana has secured its place as a family favorite.

Okay, now with the bad, in the sprit of truthful journalism, I would be remised if I didn’t report on the service at the Aloft, in a word it was bad, I mean really bad. However, the hotel had been officially open for less than two weeks by the time we checked in, and, after I sent a formal letter of complaint – yeah, I’m that guy, the hotel General Manager has since apologized and pretty much guaranteed our experience will be much more in line with what one can expect while staying at a Starwood property. Oh, and there will most definitely be a next time… Labor Day 2013 baby!!!!


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  1. Thelma says:

    Your pictures are stunning. I love Asheville, can’t wait to try this place out

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