Marques Haven

So, what this thing all about? Well for starters lets begin with me. I am the creative genius and overall mastermind behind The Raleigh Picture Project, also known as Marques Haven and photographer extraordinaire – okay, I know that’s a bit much right. But photography is the life’s blood that flows through everything we do here, personal interviews, features, fashion advice, whatever the project, capturing it through photography will serve as the foundation for The Raleigh Picture Project – or RP2… yup, came up with that all by myself.

I live here, so using Raleigh as a backdrop for RP2 seemed like a no brainier. I do, however, travel, more than MJ would care to admit, so from time-to-time I will feature, I don’t know, something detailing something that’s somewhere other than here – Raleigh.

My Desire is to capture the interesting people that dwell among us, the student who dreams of something greater than the moment at hand, the cab driver whose past defines his future, the makeup artist who pulls beauty from her clients only to reveal that it was already there. These are the people that have woven themselves into the fabric of life here in Raleigh and I sincerely hope to have  the chance to profile them here, within The Raleigh Picture Project.

Hopefully along the way I will make some sort of impact, but only you, the reader, can judge the enormity or insignificance of that impact.

We hope to serve you well.

With Warmest Regards, I Am,


Marques Haven ~

Creative Genius and overall Mastermind of The Raleigh Picture Project… I just had to say it!